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A) 50 + 30 en 60 - 30

A) 50+30 / 60-30 D) 54+30 / 64-30 G) 54+6 / 60-5 I) 59+6 / 65-9
B) 50+3 / 65-5 E) 54+35 / 69-35 H) 54+36 / 60-35 J) 59+36 / 65-39
C) 54+3 / 69-5 F) MIXED 1 K) MIXED 2

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Use math addition and subtraction story problems to improve your math addition and subtraction skills. Try math addition and subtraction games online together with math addition worksheets and become better in addition math facts. Learn all about math addition and subtraction lesson plans and use all kind of mental math addition and subtraction strategies. How to teach addition and subtraction to first graders en second graders? There are addition and subtraction worksheets for 1st grade and addition and subtraction sheets for 2nd grade.

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